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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

TikToker reveals five iPhone tricks to make you look taller

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If you’ve ever wanted to look taller in photos, you need to watch this popular TikTok video.

The short clip includes five tips to looking taller in photos so you can get the perfect Instagram or Facebook posts.

The video was posted by @roxanna.roxi, a TikToker who gives lots of useful styling tips.

The TikToker starts the video by saying: “First choose monochrome outfits so nothing breaks up your silhouette.”

She demonstrates by wearing all black.

Next, the TikTok star suggests turning 45 degrees in a photo and putting your leg closer to the camera.

Then she states: “Take your photos from a lower angle. This is going to make you look taller.”

The fourth trick is an iPhone wide angle lens.

Open the standard camera and click the 0.5x zoom option.

The TikToker explains: “This is going to make you look so much taller.”

Finally, tip five involves Instagram.

You need to upload your photo the Instagram app and adjust your legs by going to edit it and clicking the “Adjust option”.

Here you can scroll to make your legs look like they’re closer to the camera.


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